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We provide innovative legal services to our client and We are backed up by an excellent team of legal minds who are ready and able to assist with any legal matters.

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Welcome to Sambo and Makgabutlane Attorneys, where we pride ourselves in offering Excellent Legal Services to our Clients. Our aim is to stimulate progress and change within the legal systems, which will not only bring forth justice but shall address issues of socio economic needs and imbalances. 

We are founded on the principle that our clients are the heart and soul of the Law firm and as such we work tirelessly to maintain our vision of providing quality 

Some of our services

Area Of Practice

Family Law

Family Law is an area of law which we find to be important due to the

Labour Law

The relationship between and employer and employee is very delicate and as such you need to

Statutory and Regulatory Compliance

Corporates carry a great responsibility to comply with the prescribed statutory laws and regulations. Non-compliance has

Commercial & Contracts

All Humans activities are subject to law. Contracts regulate each and every aspect of our daily

Personal Injury

Personal injury law refers to the legal remedies pursued in a civil lawsuit brought as a

Dispute Resolutions & Litigation

Litigation frequently involves high legal costs and leaves one party successful and the other defeated. Litigation

Debt Collection

Don’t allow your debtors to get away with intentionally not paying you for goods and services

Criminal law

The criminal procedure encompasses the entire process which commence when a person who is suspected of

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Sambo and Makgabutlane Attorneys, is backed up by an excellent team of legal minds who are ready and able to assist with any legal matters. We Specialize in but are not limited to the following fields of law.

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